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Only QbCheck Testing in Ithaca NY

What is a QbCheck?

QbCheck is an online ADHD test that objectively measures the three core symptoms of Attention Deficit
Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD); activity, inattention and impulsivity. Together with other information,
such as rating scales and a clinical interview, QbCheck will help your healthcare provider to assess you for


After test completion, a test result is compared with individuals of the same age and gender, who have
ADHD and those who do not. QbCheck cannot identify ADHD by itself, but the comparison to the age and
gender matched groups will inform your healthcare provider about the likelihood of ADHD.

How is QbCheck Performed?

The test is performed on a computer with a built-in web
camera. During the test, a number of symbols are shown on the
computer screen. The task is to push the space bar when a

certain symbol appears on the screen. Meanwhile, a web came-
ra uses facial recognition technology to track your movements

during the test.


The test takes 15 - 20 minutes to complete (depending on your
age) and is not dependent on your language, reading or
mathematical skills.


Once you have completed your test, the result will be interpreted by your healthcare provider, who will
discuss them together with other information during your next appointment.

Is QbCheck validated?

QbCheck is well documented, widely

used, and registered or

cleared by all concerned authorities,

including The Europe-
an Medicines Agency

(EMA) and The Food

and Drug Administra-
tion (FDA).

Will I know if I have
ADHD after the test?

QbCheck should not
be used in isolation
and does not provide
a diagnosis. Instead,
the results need to be
interpreted carefully

as part of a compre-
hensive assessment to

diagnose ADHD.

Will I be recorded during the test?

The web camera does
not record images

but only tracks mo-
vements. In addition,

test results are anony-
mised and processed

according to local data
protection regulations.

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